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How to Order

Step 1

Browse the site till you find the product you want. To see more details, either click on the thumbnail image, or click on the View Details button.

Step 2

Once you find an item you want to buy, simply click on the Add to Cart button.

Step 3

A page will then be displayed with a drop down box for quantity. From this drop down box, select how many of that product you want to add to your cart, then click on the Update Cart button.

Checking Your Cart

At any time you can check what is in your cart by clicking on the View Cart button .

Step 4

When you have all the products you want in your cart, click on the Checkout button. At the bottom of the page select the payment method you would like to use and click on it. Follow the easy to read instructions from there and your order will soon be dispatched to you.  Once your order has been placed all products will automatically go to Out of Stock.  This ensue's that all products are held for you

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact us for help.

We are now able to accept credit card charges again but only by either emailing us your details, or phoning us.