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Boob Inspector Cap

Boob Inspector Cap

The Boob Inspector Hat denotes that you are, in fact, a boob inspector, and are fully entitled to ogle and stare as you see fit.

There's nothing worse than getting caught checking someone out, especially if you're drooling. It's always an awkward encounter and there's no way to talk out of it because you've already been branded the ogling creep.

What this hat offers is a built in excuse. When a woman catches you staring at her rack simply point to the plush boobs on the front and your official designation as "Boob Inspector". Not only will you be in the clear with this hat but there's also a chance that she'll insist on further investigation. Wear this hat and indulge risk free in an eye candy buffet.

Please note that Boob Inspector is not an official government position.

Boob Inspector Cap